Mokaila Apologises to Maunatlala

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila, has apologised to Maunatlala residents for taking time to visit their village regarding the house defects that allegedly resulted from construction of Lotsana Dam.

Addressing the residents recently, Mr Mokaila said he could not make it to their village earlier because of other pressing issues such as the ongoing shortage of electricity and water.

He said although developments had good intensions, they were always accompanied by bad aspects, adding that before the blasting operations took off, 686 houses on a radius of 4 km were assessed.

In addition, he said soil samples from 45 holes were collected to determine the extent the operation could affect the nearby structures.

After blasting operation, he said all the 686 houses were assessed again to determine the defects caused by the blasting and generally the dam construction did not cause defects to the houses or structures in the periphery of the dam.

Contrary to expert’s outlook that the proximate homeshouses were those that could experience defects of cracks, Mr Mokaila said people who were far from the dam claim that their house defects were due to dam construction.

Also he said people who built their houses after the blasting process were also claiming that the dam construction had caused the cracks on their house,

He added that even if a house experienced natural or normal cracks, they blamed it on the dam construction.

However, he pleaded with the community to learn to share the developments responsibility with the government because developments were meant to better their lives.

He told the resident … refuses to present 2014 elections postmortem report… … says can not meet commissioners…that their biggest compensation was that the president of the republic would officially open the dam on October, 15 this year.

Meanwhile, the residents maintained that the cracks in their houses were a result of blasting operations during the dam construction.

One resident, Mr Patrick Tseleng said, despite learning that they should share developments responsibilities with the government, he stated that prior to the construction of the dam, government vowed to take all the responsibilities of all defects caused by the dam contraction.

Also, he said now there was no consultation that government had retraced the stand.

Mr Robert Ditshwang who blamed the dam construction for causing cracks on his house claimed that there was vibrating during the blasting process as such there was no excuse.

Ms Diane Magwaneng also attributed the cracks at her house to blasting the process, she said the wall had cracks all over, outside and inside and the floor was cracked.

Some claimed that even the ceilings fell during the blasting operation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News