Mokaila Meets Business Community

| May 29, 2015

The Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila, has assured the business community that government is doing everything in its power to ensure stability in water and power supply.

Briefing members of Business Botswana on May 27, the minister said he understood the difficult situation businesses encountered due to power and water supply challenges.

Minister Mokaila said Botswana faced shortage of water as Gaborone Dam was completely dry while Molatedi and Bokaa dams were left with four and three months of water supply respectively.

Thus, he said, the country relied on the North South Carrier (NSC) hence rationing of 110 million litres per day to be shared by 500 000 people scattered from Kgatleng to Good Hope. Other than dry dams, the NSC experienced breakages and although the pipes had been fixed, the minister said it would take time to fill up the trenches.

He said they had ensured that reservoirs had enough water, 60 to 90 per cent storage. To complement the water supply, Minister Mokaila said 32 boreholes at Masama well field should add 30 million litres of water in a month.

The minister said they were also fast tracking the development of Masama West adding they would therefore need to also speed up the NSC II project. He also said they were also building a pump station at Serorome Valley.

The minister further called on the business community to help establish a waste water recycling plant as it should be driven by the private sector. Talking about power, Mr Mokaila said problems with boilers at Morupule B meant that the power plant was producing less energy.

In addition, Morupule A was to undergo refurbishment and tenders for Morupule B Unit 5 and 6 had been extended. The minister said based on lessons learnt from the past, they would leave the tender open depending on the bidders.

He said plans to extend the Matshelagabedi Diesel power plant output to 105MW were at an aanced stage, save for the bidders who had quoted high amounts than they had budgeted for based on the development plan.

The minister also said they had floated tenders to convert Orapa Diesel plant to gas and also add another 90MW. The plant however was a dual fuel station meaning it uses both diesel and gas.

Another initiative was the use of solar energy and the minister said aances in technology helped to reduce prices. The minister also said they welcome Independent Power Producers (IPPs). He said he hopes by next winter, there would be stability in power supply.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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