Molale Implores Batswana to Be Patriotic

| May 27, 2015

Batswana have been encouraged to be patriotic and appreciate the developmental strides that the country has made since gaining independence.

Addressing kgotla meetings in Ukhwi and Ngwatle settlements in the Kgalagadi District, Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Eric Molale stated that Batswana needed to reflect back on the journey from independence to the current state of affairs.

The country, he said, had become not only a beacon of peace but had at the same time made remarkable achievements in improving its infrastructure and citizenry alike.

He said Botswana has since independence embarked on liberal political and economic reforms. Since then, he highlighted that the conuntry’s democracy guided by the constitution had been the engine of growth while the government had created a conducive environment for private sector participation and growth.

The economy, he said, had been transformed into a burgeoning free market devoid of price, exchange and interest controls. “Botswana’s investment climate today is characterised by a stable macroeconomic and democratic political system which the entire citizenry must be proud of,” he said.

He said government is a signatory to several declarations on human rights and sustainable development adding that the civil society in the country is growing both in stature and service delivery.

Furthermore, he said in line with the Vision 2016, government had overarching goals to become a prosperous country, with a competitive and outward-oriented economy, where poverty is eradicated or significantly reduced to minimal levels.

He said government has also embarked on the Anti-corruption drive, in order to combat corruption and economic crimes in the country. He stated that a key objective of government over the past years has been to reposition the economy with a view to take full aantage of the rebound in global economic activity and trade, resulting in improved living standards.

He added that government had enhanced public service delivery and provision of essential socio-economic infrastructure. Mr Molale also pleaded with the community to work hand in hand with the civil society on matters pertaining to community empowerment and nation building.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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