Moshupa Kgotla to Be Completed

| May 26, 2015

The Kgotla, one of the most sacred and prominent emblems of heritage, is where meetings, trials, sentences, dikgafela, weddings, rain prayers are held in a traditional Setswana society. The dikgotla represent a major element of the country’s historical and cultural heritage.

The Moshupa shelter (leobo) which started in earnest in 2005 is, ten years later, still under construction and has raised eyebrows as some residents now suspect community funds may have been abused in the process. Residents of Moshupa had, at the inception of the leobo upgrade, outgrown the existing shelter and as such required a bigger structure that can could for current and future needs.

In an interview with BOPA, Moshupa Leobo committee secretary, Mr Stephen Gaadingwe said the project will finally be completed soon after roofing plan has been finalized. He said the interruption was due to technical aice from structural engineers from council and Majwe Mining Company who are working on the roofing plan.

Mr Gaadingwe said they are also waiting for roofing quotation since the shelter is huge and need optional roofing materials with reasonable prices. He said money which was contributed by residents of Moshupa and Majwe Mining is kept in the bank, refuting allegations that money has vanished in thin air.

Majwe Mining company has donated P420 000 to Moshupa community for building of the kgotla shelter while Moshupa community raised P343 000 as contributions towards the project.

Mr Gaadingwe said they made a good decision to consider a suitable project that promoted culture and traditions of Botswana that preserved them for future generations, noting that the shelter depicted Setswana tradition and cultural identity.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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