Mosutlha Blitz Tournament Champion

| June 9, 2015

Thuso Mosutlha delivered some major upsets over the weekend to be crowned the Botswana Chess Federation (BFC) Blitz tournament champion.

Mosutlha wiped out all his opponents to amass 10.5 points out of 11 points losing just 0.5 from a draw in round seven against Lesego Selemogwe. That came as a shock to many owing to the fact that he beat some of the internationally decorated players and above all it was rare for him to feature in the top three bracket.

How he managed to cruise through was not a surprise because he had been training with five times national chess champion International Master (IM) Providence Oatlhotse.

Mosutlha said in an interview that Oatlhotse had been tutoring him on the game which had surely bared some results as evidenced by his performance. Nevertheless, he said the competition was very tough adding that he took aantage of the 10 minutes played in a blitz tournament setup.

“I didn’t struggle that much because I am comfortable with the short time that is allocated in blitz chess compared to the standard time,” he said.

Candidate Master (CM) Notha Moakofi finished second with 9.5 points with another CM Sasitharan Abhiram in position three also with 9.5. A total of 24 players competed in the 11 rounds blitz tournament of which each round was allocated 10 minutes.

BCF technicalrating director, Vincent Masole said players were to be awarded blitz ratings by FIDE according to how they played in the tournament. He said blitz tournament brought fun to the game of chess as it allowed players to think fast due to the short time allocated for the game.

Masole further said it was aantageous for players who were quick to think and respond against those who were well suited for the standard chess setup.

He noted that the tournament was an open setup where all players competed in the same open category unlike other competitions. The BCF tournament played at Yarona Country Lodge saw the winner pocket P500, first and second runners up P400 and P300 respectively.

There was also a prize for the best women which was scooped by Boikhutso Modongo who finished in position 14 pocketing P300 while Sephekolo Tshupo was named the best upcoming player.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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