Motor Sport Stages National Champs

| April 15, 2015

Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) will host the first round of the BMS national championship at the Dumela Track in Francistown over the weekend (April 18).

The event race will be hosted by Lobelo Racing Club and around 30 riders from Gaborone, Francistown and South Africa are expected to participate.

Lobelo Racing Club secretary, Lola Berrie said in an interview that the race will be different in many aspects as the morning session will begin with juniors and seniors training with one of the top MX riders, Dartagnan Lobjoit.

This, she highlighted, would include training on jumps, starting properly and controlling of bikes during motorcross races. Berrie noted that this training was motivated by the realisation that Botswana had talented riders but lacked proper training opportunities.

This, she also added, would give riders from the age three and other juniors an opportunity to showcase their skills. The race, she explained would commence with heats in the new 50cc Pee Wee 50 class, 50cc,65cc and 85cc,MX high school,MX1 and MX2. They will also be a relay race for all riders and all classes.

After this, she said that the track would be opened up for fun riders (non-licenced) to do demonstrations. “This will also give riders to prepare for the renewal of their licences which will take place by May 1st “, she said.

The licence renewals, noted Berrie, is done through clubs and riders have to pay a fee to BMS and also have to pay insurance fees to Marsh insurance.

She noted that The clubs, she noted assist their members in acquiring and renewing licences. The Saturday race, she highlighted, was special in the sense that it has incorporated some spectator events as part of the championship.

The BMS, she mentioned, was privileged this year as they have been given the rights to host the FIM Africa event, which is the Motor cross of African Nations in August.

All riders, she said, would use the weekend race as one of the qualifiers for the African event.

Ms Berrie noted that BMS would host two races before the August event. In addition, she explained that the event would give an opportunity to young riders to get into classes and be part of the team that will represent the country.

The Dumela Track, she asserted has been prepared and the kids track has been changed to incorporate more jumps. As for Lobelo Racing Club, she noted that it has grown exponentially since last year. “For instance, at grassroots level, we have grown from one rider to eight. These will in future feed other classes as riders graduate,” she said.

She also said that despite the teething problems experienced when the new BMS committee came into office everything has now been resolved. However, she decried the low numbers in the motor cross, noting that theyre was a need to grow them for the sport to be successful.

Despite the fact that the sport is relatively new, Ms Berrie highlighted that local riders do participate in races outside the country. Some of the riders that spectators can look forward to during the weekend race include Calvin Collington, Clayton Davies, Wayne Berry, Shawn Jackson and Joshua Potts.

In the juniors class Nathan Berrie, Aryan and Amaan Parekh will also be on show. The event has also benefitted from sponsorship from Waste Corp, Hansaflex and Security Services.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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