MP Wants Harsher Penalties for Defaulters

| April 20, 2015

The Member of Parliament for Chobe, Mr Ronald Shamukuni has called on law enforcement agencies to administer harsher penalties on retailers whose stores are found to be compromising standards of cleanliness.

This comes after recent reports of cockroaches, rats and cats having been found in some retailers’ kitchen and storeroom in Kasane.

Speaking at the World Health Day commemorations held under the theme: Food safety’ on Friday April 17 in Kasane, Mr Shamukuni said people should be concerned with such reports and demand that retailers do their part in ensuring that food safety was not compromised.

“It is not enough to just write warning letters to these offenders, we must be stricter with them and bring them to order by charging them,” he said.

He said there should be more inspections in order to protect the lives of Batswana, and that if any goods were found to have expired on the shelves, the shop should be penalised.

The MP emphasised that they should be checked time and again to ensure compliance with the law.

Chobe assistant district commissioner (DC), Ms Kushata Tsokedi aised that at all times an individual should ensure that hygienic practices are put in place when handling food at all stages.

She said unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of diseases and malnutrition, particularly affecting infants, young children, the elderly and the sick.

The assistant DC stated that it is estimated that two million people are killed by food and waterborne diseases annually and called on all stakeholders to play their role.

“Food safety is not a one man’s show, it calls for a massive collaboration and consultation among all stakeholders from production to consumption,” she said.

Ms Tsokedi aised that food must not leave the supermarket in a good condition only to be spoiled at home during storage or preparation, neither does it have to be shelved in the supermarket already contaminated.

“I believe that you now realise that we have ourselves to blame should anyone of us along the way compromise or neglect safety precaution measures in our dealings with food,” she highlighted.

She said Botswana aspires to be a healthy nation by 2016 and that it could only be achieved through various campaigns which promote good health.

Furthermore, she stated that food was contaminated by different pathogens.

She aised that people should ensure that the environment was always clean to avoid food contamination, which causes diseases even death.

Ms Tsokedi said the World Health Organisation (WHO) noted that many children die because of food-borne diseases.

“It is important to make sure that we teach our children to practice safer food handling and preparation at a tender age,” Ms Tsokedi aised.

She said the nation should take pleasure in partnership with international organisations with the mission of ensuring that food was safe.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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