Ndiko Inspires Many [opinion]

| April 15, 2015

From Nata emerges a growing star, multi-talented and known to many.

Ndiko Muzila is a motivational author, a founder of Voice of the Voiceless Outreach, a gospel singer, a teacher and an upcoming entrepreneur.

“I was very young when I first realised I am very different. I hated to see someone cry, or even go hungry. My passion for helping others started from 12 years when I first picked a street kid and brought him to my mother’s house,” she said.

In 2009 Ndiko published her first book titled “Rebuilding the Broken walls” while she was still a University of Botswana student. In this book she encourages anyone whose life is crumbling especially in the Christian walk that any broken piece of the walls can always be rebuilt.

After a year she published “The Hope of Glory” (2010) talks about seeing light beyond every dark cloud.

In continuation of the message of hope she published another book titled “The journey of the expectant’ in which she notes that life is not in what is experienced today but what is expected.

Last year Ndiko launched her fourth “Voice of the Voiceless,” and is currently working on her fifth book whose title is a secret.

She also does community service through her NGO Voice of the voiceless Outreach Organisation.

Ndiko is also a gospel singer with two albums.

“At times I woke up with a tune in my soul and I would look for words suiting the tune and the mood of the song and I realised it was just God given.”

Moreover the young woman is a motivational speaker, who for over eight years has been motivating prisoners, the sick, uneducated and students. “We cannot achieve anything if we have no motivation,” she noted.

“Nothing gives me joy than a changed life.”

She notes that she made a life time decision to add value to lives, to develop and not to destroy lives.

She reaches street kids and continues to mentor, develop and guide the out of school youth through meaningful programmes and seminars hosted by Voice of the Voiceless Organisation.

Ndiko is also a teacher, something she also does with passion and excellence because she also devotes her spare time in her tuition centre “Muzila Academy.”

Amusingly Ndiko just branded a Ginger Juice which is her self-made product fast penetrating the market as many hands stretch to get it because she believes anything one does successfully can be their golden opportunity.

“As I sat down to think about my big projects I also thought of what could give some little cash every day. The idea of using my skill in making Ginger Juice and Packaging it came through.”

So far Nampak supplies her with bottles, and she has now branded her juice with her name.

“Before every success is a great challenge,” Ndiko said. She noted she has faced great challenges in achieving any of the dreams. The challenges she encountered was criticism from all those who never understood what she was up to.

“In all things I do, my books, my music, and all my projects, the greatest challenge I have always faced is lack of enough funds to produce more,” she noted.

Ndiko’s inspirational books have hit shelves and also facing the challenge of demand. Like any other human being Ndiko notes that at times social challenges can also derail one from their dreams. She has gone through a lot of challenges as an individual and as a family and some challenges which needed her financial attention hence affecting her dreams.

Ndiko encourages young people to give themselves much attention, so they may discover themselves without any peer pressure. She says young people should avoid wasting much of their time on social media, unprofitable connections and friendships.

“You must have time for yourself and know yourself better in light of your creator’s perspective”.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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