New Era Yields Technicians

| April 20, 2015

New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology held its first graduation of 400 students in different programmes of certificate, diploma and aanced diploma in engineering, telecommunications electronics as well as accommodation.

In his keynote address at the ceremony, the president of Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), Mr Lekwalo Mosienyane said education and skills development was a major area of focus for the country, and that New Era College was doing an important work in producing the much needed skills.

“This country is in need of skills ranging from engineers, artisans and insurance experts to name but a few. I therefore see New Era College as an institution destined for excellence in grooming and developing young professionals,” he said.

Mr Mosienyane added that the college has distinguished itself as a pre-eminent institution for technological studies. “The college is unique because it is one of the few tertiary institutions that have chosen some of the most demanding programmes of study such as engineering and business,” he said.

Mr Mosienyane told graduates that it was the beginning of a long road of life learning.

“Life is a continuous learning process, it does not end with certification, and please take success with failure positively. Take it from me, every failed experiment is one step close to success,” he said.

The college was established in 2009. It started by enrolling 200 students and increased its intake in 2014 where it enrolled 2 000 students.

New Era College predominantly offers engineering courses which were all sponsored by the government.

The college also offers City and Guilds programmes which are recognised internationally.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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