Ngaka Rebukes Lempu Students

| April 16, 2015

Member of Parliament for Takatokwane, Mr Ngaka Ngaka, says he is concerned about poor performance of Lempu JSS in Salajwe.

Addressing students, parents and teachers at a meeting to discuss the unbecoming behaviour at the school, Mr Ngaka condemned the rate at which Lempu students vandalised school property, saying it cost government a lot of money.

He further informed students that such behaviour could not be tolerated, especially that government spent a lot of money to give them proper education. He urged parents to fulfill their parental duties of paying school fees in time, which he said was meagre compared to the fraction that government paid.

“At the moment, government spends about P9 000 per year on each students, and the P300 you are required as parents is just a small fraction of the total sum. I would therefore urge you to try by all means to fulfill your part in full,” he said.

Mr Ngaka also urged parents to attend Parents Teachers Association meetings as it was the only avenue where both parties could discuss the progress and challenges concerning students.

Briefing the meeting, the school’s Head of department, Mr Kagiso Mampane said as teachers, they desire to leave a good track record of good performance in the school, but said their effort was hampered by the unbecoming behaviour of students.

He said such unbecoming behaviour among the students range from love affairs, drug and alcohol use, absconding, use of weapons and foul language to the extent that students often insult each other’s parents.

He also said the love affairs that exist in the school often lead to teenage pregnancies. Mr Mampane singled out students from Khudumelapye as the most troublesome. For his part, the Takatokwane station commander, Superitendent Ocean Maraganyane confirmed that they had received many reports of vandalism by students at Lempu JSS, and said so far they have been lenient on the students as they have been urging the school management to handle the cases internally without opening a police case.

He issued a stern warning to the students that such crimes were serious and have the potential to land them years in prison, which would ruin their future prospects of finding jobs.

In her welcome remarks, the school head, Ms Brenda Nakedi said there was lack of accommodation for boarding students, saying currently they accommodate about 16 students in a dormitory meant for eight students.

She also promised that as a school, they would do all they could to turn around the performance of the school this year. She was however, grateful for the staff complement, saying they have enough teaching staff as they have been complemented by temporary teachers.

For their part, parents from different catchment areas also appreciated the concerns raised by the school management, but also pleaded with them to address issues such as shortage of food, water and proper accommodation in the school.

They said such issues were the ones that led to lax behaviour by students such as jumping the fence at night, theft and engaging in sexual activities.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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