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| May 15, 2015

Sankoyo Bush Bucks head coach, Philani Mabhena has thanked supporters for rallying behind the team during the beMOBILE Premier League season.

He said in an interview that supporters had never disappointed the team even during difficult times when the team was docked some points.

He said they were very understanding and supportive and urged them to continue with the spirit as the team prepares for the coming season.

Mabhena revealed that there is need to improve the quality of the team by recruiting good players, which he said would need more resources to achieve.

He observed that his team had been using young boys who are not expensive and believed that their financial muscle would improve so that they could buy high class players who could take the team to a higher level.

The head coach also revealed that his boys’ performance was impressive during the entire season noting that when they were promoted to the premier league, their aim was to survive relegation and not to win the league.

“Our aim was to survive relegation and keep our status.

My players have learnt and gained a lot of experience and now they know what is required in the premier league,” he added.

Mabhena said although they could have secured a place in the top eight but the recent incidents where they lost some points and goals affected their performance.

He said currently the team has appealed the recent judgment where FC Satmos protested against the use of their Zimbabwean striker Moris Ruzivo in their encounter during their opening match of the second season.

The team management argued that due process was not followed, specifically that at the time when the player was registered, he did not have his International Transfer Certificate (ITC), which is one of the prerequisites for registering a foreign player.

The adjudication on the case saw the Maun side losing three points and two goals for using a player who was not properly registered and Sankoyo remained at position nine with 32 points despite being docked points.

Sankoyo management appealed the judgment as they believe they followed the right channels. In a recent interview, the team chairperson, Willie Dikgosana said his team has been punished for the mistake done by Botswana Football Association and thee premier league office.

Meanwhile, Mabhena also confirmed some reports that some big teams are eyeing some of his key players such as Omaatla Kebatho.

He said since Kebatho joined his side from Ecco City, he has grown in terms of performance and has become a top striker.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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