Nico Safe From Relegation

| May 6, 2015

Fans of the Selebi Phikwe based football team Nico United breathed a sigh of relief on Saturday (May 2) when their team saved themselves from relegation after walloping Letlapeng FC from Ramotswa 5-0 in a beMOBILE premier league game at Selebi Phikwe stadium on Saturday.

This meant that Nico United collected three points from Letlapeng to make 33 points with two games remaining, and in this instance if a team collects 33 points in a 16 log team, they are sure to have survived relegation.

In an interview, Nico’s coach Wesley Mondo, told BOPA that his team needed the win to seal their campaign of having a place in the premier league in the next season.

He said it was of good note that his boys confirmed their survival from relegation with a good play and big win margin.

He said that they still had two games to play and that they only needed four points to make it into the top eight which was possible. “My boys are playing a good game so far and we have a chance to make it to the Top 8 if we beat BDF XI in our next game,” he said, adding that anything was possible.

He said his players now needed a lot of motivation and support to push their stand further up the ladder. During the game, all goals were scored in the second half as the the winners found it difficult to penetrate Letlapeng’s defence in the first half.

Coach Mondo said they were very slow in building up their force towards their opponents’ defence, adding that in the second half they decided to push the ball further up and attack more which gave his team a breakthrough to goals.

The first to score was Christopher Musonda with a brace to make it 2-0 team Captain Richard Legwaila scored the third goal followed by Melvin Moyo with the fourth goal and finally Allen Ndondole with the last goal to make it 5-0 for the Selebi Phikwe team.

Nico United fans were cheering with joy that their team was safe from relegation after the game ended. Also, the elite league followers in Selebi Phikwe were happy because premier league games will continue to come to the mining town in the next season.

Meanwhile, in a light conversation at the game with chairperson of the relegated Letlapeng FC, Sidney Mogagane, he said that things were difficult at his team and that is why they had been performing badly.

He said his team was facing financial constraints and lacked financial backup which also demoralised his players.

He explained that when his team was promoted to the premier league there was a lot of support financially and pledges were made but later on everything dwindled around the eighth game.

This led to the team’s poor performance because his boys were demoralised as they had to struggle to pay salaries, transportation, feeding and lodging players during games.

He noted that they had to leave Saturday morning for Selebi Phikwe to play against Nico United the same day and back again to Ramotswa due to lack of funds for lodging and feeding players.

Also, he said although they had been relegated to the first division league, his team came through to honour the fixtures and to avoid a P10 000 fine for missing the game.

He said since they were out of the elite league, his team now needed to go back home, retrospect and map the way forward.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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