No Football in BNSC Awards

| May 6, 2015

The importance of being nominated or winning an award in sport cannot be over-emphasised.

It serves as authentication of an athlete’s hard work, commitment, and unique talent, and they also encourage optimal performance by athletes as well as promotes ethos of competitiveness.

Therefore it is every athlete’s dream to get recognition for their excellence in the field. However, football pundits were recently shocked to learn that Botswana Football Association (BFA) has failed to submit its names of athletes for the Botswana National Sport Council (BNSC) awards.

This did not just send shockwaves to football followers, even the BNSC selection committee chairperson, Geoff Tembo was baffled. He did not mince his words during the nominees launch when he said BFA could have at least submitted last year’s league champions.

He also said even the players who are plying their trade in South Africa who have excelled could have had their names submitted to the BNSC. Now the question is, was BFA caught napping or they were shunning BNSC awards.

BFA vice president Finance, marketing and research, Maslow Motlogelwa, admitted in an interview that they indeed failed to submit names. He said their failure was caused by operational challenges which they are dealing with at the moment.

Motlogelwa admitted that by failing to submit they have denied both their athletes and administrators an opportunity to win the awards.

Football analyst, Jimmy George, who was not impressed by BFA’s explanation, said the association has its own issues of maladministration, adding that by failing to submit their names, they have done something which was totally un-defendable.

“I am wondering if BFA was shunning BNSC or they do not have confidence in their own athletes. Honestly this doesn’t portray the association in good light, they are undermining their own leadership,” he said.

He said BFA has capable people whose names could have been submitted like referee, Joshua Bondo who has done well both locally and internationally. He said the association has denied him a good opportunity to shine.

According to George, BFA has not only ‘cartooned’ itself, but have also sent a wrong message to potential sponsors that they are not a serious organisation. He said BNSC should summon the BFA to account why they failed to submit names.

He said this is a code that is given a lump sum of money in the country, yet they never bring glory to the country. He said it was imperative that BFA administrators take supporters and Batswana seriously particularly that football is a popular sport.

“Personally, I want to hear condemnation from all corners, from the media and all stakeholders, what BFA did is a true indication that they have failed dismally to package football in this country to appeal to sponsors,” he added.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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