North-South Carrier Solution to Water Shortage

| April 21, 2015

The envisaged North-South water carrier project is the only lasting solution to water shortage in the southern part of the country, acting Agriculture minister has said.

Mr Patrick Ralotsia was responding to water shortage concerns raised by residents during a string of kgotla meetings he addressed in Kanye recently.

Mr Ralotsia, also Kanye North Member of Parliament (MP), explained that the situation was compounded by the fact that most of the water infrastructure around Kanye was old hence most of the water was wasted through leaks.

He revealed that most of the water pipes were connected as way back as 1961. He said the North-South water carrier project which took off the ground last year was expected to round off July 2017.

In the interim, he said government was looking to drill boreholes around Selokolela area as a stop gap measure to address the water situation in the village.

He also explained that Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) would continue rationing out water until the situation normalised. On other issues, he raised a concern that although the Southern district farmers had 230 000 hectares of cultivable land at their disposal, they were still unable to cultivate even 100 000 hectares.

He said most of the land was still undeveloped but the owners would not consider leasing it to capable individuals either. He has however impressed that the district had the potential to feed the nation if all the land could be put to optimal use.

Mr Ralotsia thus aised land owners to take aantage of the available citizen empowerment programmes and initiatives to feed the nation, adding that idle land had very little value.

The minister has also aised livestock owners to register for a livestock keeper identity card. With the card, he said it would be easy for farmers to purchase vaccines and stock feeds from Livestock Aisory Centres (LACs) at subsidised prices.

He said the card, which carries a farmer’s number of livestockand location would prevent tricky individuals from buying products in bulk from LACs at reduced prices with the intention to re-sell at a mark-up price.

He said the card would enable LACs to dish out the available products equitably to avoid one farmer arrogating the whole stock to themselves at the expense of others.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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