Nsala Wants More Days for Headmen

| April 16, 2015

Tutume deputy chief, Mr Alphonse Nsala, has requested the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Slumber Tsogwane to consider increasing days of work for headmen of arbitration in order for them to cope with high demand for their services.

He made the request during a kgotla meeting addressed by the minister in Tutume on Monday. Mr Nsala said two days were not enough for the headmen to serve the people who come in high numbers at dikgotla for assistance.

He further pointed out that in their village, dikgosi are the ones who mediate issues that are affecting the villagers hence with a limited time of work, residents are not served well.

He, nonetheless appreciated the number of posts for headmen of arbitration that were given as a region noting that from the 286 posts country wide, their region received 92 from which four of them were for Tutume alone.

With such development, the deputy chief said it is going to give their headmen dignity and respect as they have been volunteering for over long periods of time without failing the community.

On other issues, the deputy chief decried shortage of transport for dikgosi highlighting that during meetings there is need for them to be collected from their respective areas. However, he explained that because of shortage of transport they are forced to travel on open vehicles with some of them seating at the back.

He added that although the main kgotla has a smaller vehicle, they cannot use it to travel to some villages due to the bad state of the road. He therefore appealed to the minister to consider buying vehicles which are suited to the state of their roads.

Furthermore, he said they are in process of raising funds to construct their main kgotla’s shade but however appealed for assistance from the ministry ,citing that some of their offices do not have electricity while all materials for installation werereadily available.

Because of this non- availability of power in some offices, internet has not been connected in the kgotla and as such work which needed to be done through internet is affected hence delaying services.

For his part, the minister said it was his ministry’s mandate to improve tribal administration department and it was for that reason that during the 20142015 financial year, 65 posts for headmen of arbitration were created as way of appreciating their services.

He said when they assessed their records, they realised that 286 headmen of arbitration were not being paid hence the decision to have them paid. He, nonetheless, emphasized such developments should not lead to the creation of new headmen of arbitration in villages noting that the current number should not be increased.

He, however promised them that conditions of service will be looked into while the issues surrounding transport will also be addressed. Meanwhile Minister Tsogwane urged people to revive the spirit of self reliance which he said has been the main factor in the development of the country since independence. However, he noted that over the years this spirit has been on the decline.

He also added that government aims to revive it by supporting Batswana who are standing up to develop their villages on their own.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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