Official Motivates Young People

| June 16, 2015

Students have been implored to layout their own future foundations instead of engaging in social ills that will not take them anywhere.

This was said by Mahalapye sub-district deputy district commissioner, Mr Bakuedi Masole at the Gweta Career Fair recently.

Mr Masole noted that without a solid laid foundation, people often failed to make their dreams come true. He said as such it became imperative for individuals to get their priorities right from the onset when they start school.

Mr Masole stated that many people who went to school in the olden days did well, despite the difficult conditions they lived under. He said although there were often complaints about shortage of resources, conditions had improved .

Also, he added that it was important for students to focus on making their school successful than dwelling on things, which would not help them in anyway.

He aised students to understand that everything begins with ones determination to make it, adding that having a belief that there was someone who should make things happen, would never take them anywhere.

In addition, he also said because of the modern day aanced technology, students prefer to engage in things that end up cutting their dreams short before they could realise them.

He said once this has occurred, the students would want somebody to take the blame for their acts.

Mr Masole therefore urged students to take responsibilities for their actions, noting that in doing so, they would be able to learn from their mistakes.

He further encouraged them to make use of different stakeholders involved in the education system, noting that through career fair initiatives, they would be able to make lasting positive future decisions.

“Your destiny is in your hands. Therefore it is important to make it happen yourselves,” Mr Masole said.

The principal education officer for Tutume sub-district, Mr Otukile Chaba said students should appreciate efforts made by the government to give them the best affordable education.

He said because there was an indication that some students do better in arts subjects that were not offered at primary level, government had prompted the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) to introduce some arts subjects at primary schools.

This, he added, was being done so that at junior secondary school, there would be continuity and those doing better would be urged to pursue them further.

He encouraged students to make use of such fairs to get more information for future opportunities.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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