Official Urges VDCs to Comply With Guidelines

| June 9, 2015

Village Development Committees (VDCs) in Tonota Sub-District Council have been urged to comply with Ipelegeng guidelines.

Ipelegeng coordinator, Ms Monosi Keakantse, said this when giving a comprehensive report on Ipelegeng projects during the Tonota sub-council meeting recently.

Ms Keakantse said meetings with VDCs would soon be held to update them on the guidelines, noting that most of them did not comply with Ipelegeng guidelines.

She said the objective of the Ipelegeng programme aimed to provide relief while at the same time carrying out essential development projects.

Ms Keakantse said, so far, the sub-district has implemented 83 projects, including maintenances of government facilities, vegetation control, debushing and destumping as well as many others around the village.

She stated that Ipelegeng programme for the financial year 201516 had been allocated more than P15 million. For his part, Councillor for Tonota Central, Mr Chris Machokoto raised a concern on Ipelegeng enrolment, saying there was no compliance by VDCs to the guidelines.

Cllr Machokoto urged the Ipelegeng office to speed up employees’ payments and follow up their stipulated pay dates so that people should not wait for a long time waiting for their wages.

Cllr Godfrey Legau of Chadibe ward commented that poverty eradication beneficiaries should also be allowed to get assistance from the programme, citing an example of those who are rearing chickens.

He said those people are reeling under poverty, hence the need to assist them to avoid a situation where they end up devouring the chickens.

Cllr Gaefele Sedombo of Tonota South complained of shortage of tools for Ipelegeng employees. He also pleaded with the Ipelegeng office to supply enough equipment to ensure that projects are completed on time.

Responding to some of the issues raised by the councillors, the senior assistant council secretary, Mr Terrance Ntalagwe agreed that there was shortage of tools.

Mr Ntalagwe said poverty eradication beneficiaries are recommended to be hired on Ipelegeng projects depending on the type of projects they are operating.

He cited those who are running tuck-shops that they are not covered because they should be productive at all times at their businesses.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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