Official Warns Youth Against Alcohol

| May 27, 2015

Youth have been cautioned against spending the proceeds from the President Day Arts competitions on alcohol and drugs. The call was made by the Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture acting coordinator for South East District Banyana Batsima on Saturday (May 23).

She was addressing youth during the south region’s President’s Day arts competitions for the traditional song and dance category at Botswana Police College. She told the youth that the money gained from the competitions should be used to better their lifestyles as well as strengthen the arts industry.

Batsima said government came up with the initiative to improve the arts industry and as well as device alternatives means in which youth can better their lives. Hence, she noted that indulging in alcoholic beverages will go against the whole notion of the President Day Arts competitions.

In addition, she said the government was concerned about risky behaviours that youth engaged upon and further encouraged them to adopt positive lifestyles. She said through the competition, young people must embrace competition and learn to compete in all that they do in life.

For his part, Kgosi Nobi Moilwa of Mogobane encouraged the youth to take the initiative seriously as it can change their lives for the better. He said the money they derive from the programme can benefit them in their day to day lives if it is well managed.

Kgosi Moilwa said the young people are lucky to have a programme to support and shape their talents. However, he encouraged them to adopt positive attitude and have respect for one another and elders in their respective societies.

Further he encouraged them to also respect their culture which defines how they ought to live and conduct themselves.

In the Tsutsube category Kgabo Sereto of Thamaga got position one, Dipela tsa ga Kobokwe of Molepolole got position one in phathisi and in Sebirwa dance, Babirwa group from Gaborone triumphed.

Other groups which qualified for the nationals to be held during the President Day Holidays are Morogo wa ngwana in setapa category and Ngwao Letshwao in hosanna category.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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