Olopeng Happy With Francistown Stadium

| May 25, 2015

Minister of Youth Sport and Culture, Thapelo Olopeng says he is impressed with the progress made on the new Francistown Stadium project.

Speaking after touring the project on Thursday (May 21), Olopeng said the progress is an indication that government officials are capable of supervising mega projects.

He however said the delay in the completion of the project, which led to the termination of contract of the initial contractor, is worrisome because the government wants to empower the private sector and only facilitate in such projects.

Olopeng, who is also Tonota MP, said he will suggest to government to critically look into the tendering process of big projects as the public service has proved to be capable.

He applauded the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology (MIST) officials for taking over the supervision of the project. In an interview on the sidelines of the tour, Olopeng said he is rest assured that the stadium will host the Botswana Games scheduled for December 5-15 this year.

He said where some facilities need accreditation for the games, the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) will ensure that it is done.

Olopeng further said BNSC is working with relevant stakeholders to ensure that traffic congestion due to the upgrading of the Tonota-Francistown road does not negatively impact on the games.

Policy Specialist (Sports and Recreation), Falcon Sedimo said the pitch will be accredited so that the record derived from it can be used internationally. He said the Botswana Games are not only used for the selection process for Africa games but also used to expose athletes to activities that take place internationally.

Earlier in his brief, MIST permanent secretary, Dikagiso Mokotedi explained to the minister that the construction of the stadium started in 2008 but due to improper coordination, some structures were not constructed properly and construction was suspended.

Mokotedi said construction resumed last year after termination of the contract for the construction company.

He explained that the quantity surveyors, architects and other officials from his ministry took over the coordination of correcting all the discrepancies that transpired during the construction.

Mokotedi further said the faults at the grand stand, change rooms and the media room have been corrected and he is confident that the project will be completed in three weeks’ time. He assured Olopeng that the stadium will be used during the Botswana Games without posing any security threat to the people and will be of international standard.

Meanwhile, the construction of the stadium was estimated at over P170 million and was anticipated to be completed in February 2010 but due to some faults, it could not be completed within the time frame.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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