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| April 28, 2015

Some students, teachers and traditional leaders in Maun have been awarded peace leaders certificates after training by Kagiso Project Peace Leaders on April 24.

A total of 20 students, 10 teachers and 15 dikgosi were honoured after training.

Kagiso is a pilot project between Queen Esther International and Peace Corps Volunteers aimed at strengthening teachers, students and dikgosi on peaceful conflict resolution to make society a better place. Speaking at the award event, a teacher, Mr Saudo Siamisang appreciated the mentorship from Kagiso project on conflict resolution strategies.

Mr Siamisang noted that conflict was part of human interaction since people faced challenges time and again, and said through the project, he learnt the importance of communication and reaching an agreement in conflict resolution.

A Tsodilo student, Omusa Mozazuru said through Kagiso project, the Setswana custom of peace and importance of bogosi were instilled and revived. Mozazuru said she was thankful for the project which made them girls peace leaders.

Kgosi Prinsloo Shashe of Shashe ward described the training as an eye opener, adding that the training was crucial for them as arbitrators.

“It shows that somewhere we took short cuts or we took our clients for granted and we learnt that we are conflict analysers and should not take sides,” he said.

Arbitrators, he said, should have listening skills, be patient with all clients, even difficult ones to reach a solution.

In her remarks, a Peace Corp volunteer, Ms Daniella Montemarano said the Kagiso project addressed a gap found in the community and schools of peaceful conflict resolution.

Ms Montemarano noted that Kagiso project was inspired by the Setswana traditions and therefore involved traditional leaders.

She said the project which started in September 2014, was expected to end in September 2015 focused on training students and teachers to strengthen them, as well as community mobilisation of Dikgosi on how to manage conflicts.

Ms Montemarano appreciated the students for their commitment in the leadership trainings, the teachers for being mentors to the students as well as the chiefs as the custodians of the community.

The Queen Esther International director, Ms Vehae Tjiriange said her organisation which in 2010, aimed to empower girls through life skill training to be powerful women in society.

Kagiso project undertakes leadership training, peace education as well as conflict resolution trainings for schools and community leaders. The project is funded by the PEPFAR Gender Based Violence Fund through the United States Peace Corps.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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