Over 1 000 Marry – Thanks to Re a Nyalana

| April 9, 2015

Since its inception in 2010, Re a Nyalana programme, has helped legalise 1 174 marriages across the country with the first ceremony having been in 2011.

The programme coordinator, Ms Annah Morwaagole said this at the recent Gweta ceremony where a total of 31 couples were assisted to legalise their relationships. The couple were from the villages of Gweta, which had 16 couples, Dzoroga and Tsokotshaa, which had 10 and five respectively.

Ms Morwaagole said the initiative had received mixed reactions from some people, with praises from some, particularly the leadership who had to bear the burden of resolving issues of inheritance at their offices.

She noted that often at the passing on of one partner, problems of inheritance would arise, as in most cases the relatives of the late partner feel the property of their loved one belonged to them since heshe was not legally married, despite having stayed with the remaining partner for a long time.

Through Re a Nyalana, such issues were drastically reduced as it encouraged many people to legalise their relationships, adding that it also brought dignity for many families that had been unable to live as husband and wife.

She highlighted that some people have been failing to formalise their relationships as weddings nowadays come with extreme costs, but through the Re a nyalana initiative, Batswana have realised that weddings can be affordable.

The chairperson of Central District Council, Councillor Peter Williams said the government upholds and recognises the Re a nyalana programme as it has brought steadiness in couples, while at the same time it has helped bring children in one close knit family.

He further noted that the programme is part of the achievements for Vision 2016 as it supports the pillar of a moral and tolerant nation.

Councillor Williams urged other people who have not taken the right steps in legalising their relationships to take aantage of Re a nyalana programme and do the right thing.

Earlier on in his welcome remarks, Kgosi Lesupang Mapine of Gweta said the strides taken by the couples have set an example for many Batswana to formalise their relationships.

He noted that they should not be discouraged by those who name the initiative as “namola leuba wedding” but rather as weddings just like any other, which brings people together.

Kgosi Mapine further informed them that cohabitation in the village will be reduced as people will start to realise the importance of Re a nyalana led marriages.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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