PAC Wants Answers

| May 29, 2015

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development is scheduled to re-submit balances of outstanding aance account and Income tax after they were unable to give sufficient evidence of their books of accounts while appearing before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

PAC member Mr Samson Guma said the ministry’s accounts had not been reconciled for many years, something that could lead to either misallocation or misappropriation and exposure to corruption.

The ministry permanent secretary, Mr Molefhi Keaja acknowledged that they faced challenges when reconciling their accounts. He said his ministry was proposing to consult the Accountant General to provide technical guidance.

When asked to state the impact of Ipelegeng programme on its beneficiaries, Mr Keaja stated that the programme, which had a monthly enrollment of 60 000 workers, was a short term relief for the unemployed and not an employment programme.

He said the ministry could consider increasing the working months and reducing the volume of workers.

With regard to the rates administration, he said they were planning to improve the working relationship with key stakeholders such as deeds registration. He said the city council was likely to miss some ratable properties that will ordinarily be rated due to the fact that some plots have been sub-divided.

“It is one of the big revenue earners for the city council. We need to look into it and see what can be done going forward,” he said. Mr Keaja also said it was reasonable to consider evaluation of the applicants’ financial statements and bank accounts to ascertain their standard of living before they could be admitted into the old age grant or pension.

He had been asked whether it was prudent management of economic resources to have people who could sustain themselves or other alternatives to sources of revenue.

He also said the qualification criteria of 65 years could also be considered to be reduced to 60 years since early retirement has been reduced to 45 years and in the long run some may not be able to sustain themselves. He said there are other government programmes which could be utilised at the moment for some who find themselves in such situations.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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