Parental Guidance Important – Billy

| May 22, 2015

Residents of Satellite North in Francistown have been urged to play a pivotal role in their children’s development.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Satellite North on May 19 the Member of Parliament (MP) for Francistown East, Mr Buti Billy, said parents had a primary role to play in modelling effective attitudes and behaviours for their children to emulate.

He stated that one of the most important ways a parent could guides a child’s path was by providing the child with attention and making the child feel important and valued.

“Children do not have the experience, development or resources to make important decisions at an early age,” said MP Billy.

Furthermore, he mentioned that parents bear the responsibility of encouraging children to learn and engage in extracurricular activities, which contribute to mental, emotional and psychological development of the child.

He noted that parents also guide children away from danger, monitor the length of time they watch television, sedentary living and foods that are too unhealthy.

MP Billy mentioned that parents of today are abandoning their responsibility of taking care of their children and instead have left it all on teachers and social workers.

He urged parents to take orphan children as their own, adding that lack of parental guidance contributes to violence and aggression of children at schools.

Also, he urged them to check their children’s school work every day when they reach home, noting that by doing so they would monitor whether the child had been at school or not.

One of the residents, Ms Thatayaone Sekgopi commented on the issue of child growth, saying some parents fail to check the cleanliness of their children before going to school. Ms Sekgopi urged parents to give their children love, care and support to keep them happy at all times.

On other issues, Ms Sekgopi raised a concern about employing procedures followed by the refuse collection company in their area as none of the locals was hired.

Another resident, Mr Boy Johanani complained about the high crime rate in their ward as well as poor consultation by the authorities in taking decisions that concern them.MP Billy apologised for poor consultations, adding that residents are the main stakeholders in any decision making.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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