Parents Unhappy With Letlhakeng Junior School

| May 11, 2015

Residents of Letlhakeng have raised concerns about what they termed negative developments which are likely to affect the quality of education and lead to poor academic performance at their junior school.

Speaking in a kgotla meeting addressed by their MP, Mr Liakat Kablay, parents complained about lack of necessities such as water, food and classrooms at the school. They said such a situation sometimes forces teachers to release students earlier than normal study time.

The village development committee secretary, Ms Gofaone Mokgatlaotsile also reiterated the parents’ complaints, saying the school also experiences shortage of teachers, a situation which, she said, was exacerbated by the expired contracts of temporary teachers.

Mr Kablay also said he equally shares the concerns of parents, and assured them that together with other community leaders they have met the school leadership to appreciate the challenges. He said they would ensure that the school is assisted to resolve the issues.

On other issues, Mr Kablay informed the residents that a team of assessors was going around the country to assess the extent of drought, after which government would decide on the relevant stance based on the report.

Mr Kablay also complained of lack of compassion among the residents of Letlhakeng, whom he said seldom undertake compassionate activities such as assisting the needy members of the society.

He said smaller villages are far ahead of Letlhakeng in as far as the activities of compassion are concerned. On other issues, parents complained about the new paying system at BotswanaPost, saying the machine used for identifying pensioners through finger prints sometimes rejects them.

They also called for pensioners who cannot walk to the post office to be paid at home, and that Ipelegeng workers should all be paid on the 20th of every month. However, the Letlhakeng branch manager, Ms Goitseone Sephiri informed them that resources do not allow them to pay all workers on the same day.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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