Performance Management Key – Maele


Performance management is key to service delivery, the Minister of Lands and Housing, Mr Prince Maele, has said.

Speaking at the ministry’s awards ceremony in Palapye recently, Mr Maele said the awards were a demonstration of his ministry’s commitment to exceptional service delivery.

He said his ministry recognised and rewarded good performance because with a productive and motivated workforce, good service to the customers could be realised.

Minister Maele noted that he was convinced that the event would encourage and motivate others to do better with the hope that someday they would equally be spotted and recognised.

Mr Maele said he was hopeful that by receiving recognition for excellent performance, the employees would be motivated to sustain the good performance and also encourage others to do more.

“The manifestation of our concerted efforts will without doubt position our ministry as a performing ministry and take it to greater heights,” he said.

Mr Maele said the awards presented an opportunity for his ministry to introspect and reflect on the performance agenda, which should focus on, among others, access to housing being corporate governance.

He said these issues appeared in the ministry’s strategy map and required the commitment as a team. Mr Maele said it had to be appreciated that land was a key factor of production in any economy and how it is managed requires high level of imaginative creativity and sensitivity.

He said the land challenges that his ministry faces are real and many and requires a team for them to be solved.

The minister stated that in any organisation there would be those who perform to the satisfaction of the employer or those who make the organisation tick to achieve its desired goals and those who in the face of war believe that there could be peace and these are the people who in the face of despair believe that there could be hope.

He said these were the people who knew the destiny and the direction the ministry wants to take and who want a better Botswana. Mr Maele said people are an important resource in any organisation as they can make or break an organisation.

He said in modern days the winning edge was small and one thing a person could not do was to succeed without effort, hard work, dedication and exceptional commitment. He said people with a winning edge are people who love what they do.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News