Phakalane Residents Complain of Ill-Treatment

| May 28, 2015

Phakalane residents have complained that they were being sidelined when it comes to benefitting from government programmes.

Speaking in a kgotla meeting addressed by Gaborone North MP, Mr Haskins Nkaigwa on Tuesday (May 26), they said they are not being treated like other city dwellers.

They cited the Ipelegeng programme, saying when the city was de-bushed and cleaned employees were outsourced from greater Gaborone leaving them behind. They said they have over the years suggested that the city council should buy equipment for clearing grass and de-bushing, but nothing happened.

They said the city council hires people as far as Gabane for Ipelegeng programme in Phakalane despite that they have unreliable transport as it experiences frequent break-downs.

Residents further complained that Phakalane had been dark ever since 2011 because streetlights were dysfunctional, noting that they have on numerous occasions raised this concern with the previous area MP, but to no avail.

In view of this sad development, residents said Phakalane has since become a crime-haven as the perpetrators hide in the dark bushes and rob people of their properties.

On other issues, they complained that there were no re-creational facilities where children could play, despite that they have secured an open place, with the consent of Phakalane owner, that can be used for recreational purposes but the council was not willing to assist them to de-bush it.

Meanwhile, they also said the power cuts were rampant in their area than other places and asked load shedding be communicated well in time to enable them plan their activities. Residents appealed to their MP to ask relevant authorities to account with regards to dire power cuts and water shortage.

MP Nkaigwa had visited residents to brief them about the issues discussed in the last session of Parliament and to hear their grievances.

He said as leaders, they were also concerned about load shedding, because prior to elections, government had promised that come February this year, power shortage would be a thing of the past. He also noted that it was about time the government considers other measures like solar energy.

Mr Nkaigwa encouraged residents to motivate their children to participate in constituency tournaments because they were losing from benefits that come with tournaments. He also said he was aware of the heavy traffic on the A1 Road which affected residents, but noted he would lobby for another route that leads to Phakalane.

Councillor for Phakalane ward, Ms Tsholofelo Amos promised to make a follow-up with regard to machinery to de-bush and cut grass at Phakalane because ferried Ipelegeng employees from surrounding areas were never on time because of transport problems.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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