Police Arrest Suspects, Recover Property

| April 2, 2015

Police have arrested nine suspects and recovered 18 laptops, five cellphones, two television sets and assorted computer accessories suspected to have been stolen.

A press release from Botswana Police Services stated that in one of the incidents, the police recovered 16 laptops, a television set, a cellphone and external hard drives when they raided three Zimbabwean men in Broadhurst on March 27.

It stated that the trio aged between 28 to 34 years were in custody pending police investigations. The press release said Broadhurst police also arrested a 35-year-old woman of Matebeleng in the Kgatleng District on March 22 for possession of a television set.

It said Urban police recovered a laptop during the arrest of a 28-year-old Botswana male citizen at White City location on March 24.

It further stated that Central police also arrested four Batswana men aged between 26 and 30 years and recovered four cellphones and a laptop on March 23 and the men were charged with burglary and theft.

Meanwhile the release stated that Tlokweng police arrested two Zimbabwean men aged 22 and 31 years for possession of suspected fake Botswana drivers license and immigration waver permit and subsequently arrested on March 26 at Gaborone bus rank and Tlokweng.

It stated that preliminary police investigation indicated that the duo was part of a syndicate that created fake driving licenses, residence and work permits. It said in Tlokweng, police arrested a 30-year-old Botswana man who operated a barbershop after he was found in possession of substance suspected to be dagga.

The release said the police arrested the suspect on March 25 and seized a total of 95 sachets containing the alleged dagga substances adding that the police suspect the barber shop is used as a selling point to prospective dagga buyers.

Source : BPS

Source : Botswana Daily News

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