Police Embark On Anti Accident Campaign

| May 12, 2015

In a bid to control the ever rising incidents of traffic accidents in and around Maun, police will embark on a free accident campaign until May 26.

In an interview, the district traffic officer, Superintendent Alfred Magudu said the campaign was meant to promote an accident free society because the rate of accidents in the area was alarming.

Superintendent Magudu said they had realised that most accidents were caused by un-attentive drivers who would concentrate on other matters such as cellphones while driving.

He said taxi drivers had a tendency to concentrate on potential customers on the road sides instead of on driving, thereby putting other drivers in danger.

Recently the police had to attend to an incident in which a vehicle had hit another at a pedestrian crossing because the driver was concentrating on her baby inside the car while driving at the same time.

He said during the campaign, they would give out some pointers to assist drivers achieve the objective of an accident free society. The police chief said they would aise drivers not to only drive their own vehicles, but also consider other drivers’ mistakes to avoid accidents.

Drivers will be aised to keep a reasonable following distance as the vehicle in front may make a sudden stop at any time resulting in a possible collision. They will also be aised to be careful of taxi drivers as they have the habit of joining the road anytime anywhere regardless of possible danger.

When reversing from parking lots, drivers are aised to pay much attention on vehicles passing behind. They are also to make sure that their mirrors are in good working conditions.

Superintendent Magudu said during the two-week accident free campaign, should anyone be involved in a road accident they should visit Maun Police Station and see the district traffic officer for aice.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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