Police VI Set Eyes On League Title

| June 9, 2015

Police VI coach, Thatayaone ‘Shimaka’ Ngwanaotsile, is confident that his side will emerge Mascom Volleyball League champions this season.

In a post-match interview following his teams’ routing of Tanian and Diphatsa in Serowe on Saturday, Ngwanaotsile said wins against the two sides were part of the bigger plan to win championships this season.

He revealed that his team had set itself an ambitious target of winning the league with an unbeaten run despite failing the target when they went down to defending champions Kutlwano.

“Our aim was to win all first round games by a 3-0 margin to put us on a position to run away invincible champions,” said the ambitious coach.

In their pulsating and emotionally charged encounter against Diphatsa of Francistown, Police VI put up a gallant fight to put all the sets in their cart.

In a game where all teams were endowed with decorated campaigners some of which serve the national team, Police VI brought in their riot police led by Happy Ribbin to quell Diphatsa players who were about to come out of hand.

More often, the short yet tactical Police scored their points from blocking which they did with utter prowess much to the disappointment of Mpapho Nlebesi and his boys.

“Knowing Diphatsa as a fierce attacking side we anchored our preparations on blocking and that’s where we gained more points,” Ngwanaotsile said.

There was stark contrast on the display of emotions on the two opponents. Whilst Police VI players conjured some magic to the level of trance, some Diphatsa players tore their kit in utter disappointment more especially after failing to deal with blocks and serves.

Buoyed by loud cheers of supporters who celebrated every serve, block, point gained and brilliance display, the two teams staged an emotional and aersarial piece that saw wild celebrations become constant features until the end of the game. It was more of a cat and mouse encounter.

Though coaches often called for time to break momentum tactically the rivalry, rhythm and momentum of the game would not be watered down with relative ease.

As if reading from one script, the two gaffers never sat on their chairs, they shouted instructions whilst simultaneously rallying their boys on until Police hit the last point of the game to wrap it 3-0.

First set saw suave Police outwit Diphatsa in a close contest and run away 25-21 winners.

The cops came back again but, with a different approach to still outsmart the Francistowners who had hoped to steal this one and disappear forever. Police won second set 25-17. Just when spectators were urging Diphatsa on to escape from Police hawk eyes, Police came from behind to take home a 25-23 win.

In their first game against Serowe boys Tanian, Police marched to victory with relative ease. Taming school boys appeared a simple task assigned to Ngwanaotsile’s unit after they clobbered the demotivated Tanian 3-0.

In the first set, Police won 25-21 before moving on to harass Mokuedi ‘Stone’ Mekgwe’s boys by 25-14. They wrapped the game with a comfortable 25-18.

In a post-match interview, Mekgwe attributed his charges’ poor showing to inexperience and lack of a leading hand. The team played with mostly school boys whilst the experienced ones were reportedly held up due to work and school commitments. The oldest player in his team was born in 1994.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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