Politics Taints VDC – Kgosi

| May 12, 2015

The headman of arbitration for Thimbi ward in Tutume, Kgosi Morgan Kenalemang, has warned politicians to stay away from village development committee (VDC) matters.

Kgosi Kenalemang said during Tutume Sub-district Council chairperson’s familiarisation tour recently at the ward that political undertones during VDC elections often took centre stage, causing disruptions and internal conflicts.

He said prior to such elections, politicians would want to add their weight to who should and should not be nominated to the committee. He explained that the practice was often done along political party lines as politicians would normally back those who backed them during political elections.

The headman noted that that kind of arrangement where people were nominated not on the basis of merit but on political influence and affiliation affected development in the village.

He therefore appealed to the political leaders not to interfere with the VDC, no matter how much they know each other from the political arena.

Meanwhile, the residents appealed that land boards should announce widely in aance notices about plot allocation dates instead of placing the notices at their offices only since not everybody makes it to their offices.

One of the residents, Mr Goitsemang Molathegi said just recently they only learnt about allocation of residential plots upon seeing people swarming the nearby bushes where plots were to be allocated.

There was a concern regarding the mushrooming of churches in the village with many taking over warehouses as well as general dealers.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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