Poverty is State of Mind

| May 15, 2015

It’s almost a clicheacute but nothing can arguably lift someone from poverty than themselves standing up and doing things for themselves. Boxing legend, Muhammad Ali once said “wars against nations are fought to change maps wars against poverty are fought to map change.”

Taking that down to an individual, it is within the individual that one must wage a war against poverty given that it is general believed that poverty is the state of the mind.

“When I was growing up, I was always taught that being self-reliant was an ideal way to making ends meet, as such I have always clung to the spirit and I never allowed anything to stop in my way,” argues 33-year old Kgosi Oateng Setlhodi of Chanoga in Ngamiland District.

For someone, 33 years, is a young age which means that in an era characterised by less voluntary work as more people demand payment for even simple jobs, Kgosi Setlhodi is a rare breed.

Why has the spirit of self-reliance waned among Batswana? This question has been asked for the umpteenth time at various levels by various leaders. However, it seems the response to such may yet to come. Notwithstanding, many people believe people who still regard themselves as poor, just need a mindset change.

Talking about residents of Chanoga, Kgosi Setlhodi says they should refrain from labelling themselves as destitute because they are able bodied hence can look for ways and means to be economically independent and able to sustain their future.

Besides, government has come up with a poverty eradication programme to change people’s lives. What therefore, remains to be dealt with is what may be termed as ‘mental poverty’.

Consequently, Kgosi Setlhodi believes that Batswana can wrestle themselves away from poverty through the spirit of self-reliance given that it enable one to enjoy a dignified livelihood. He encourages Batswana to uphold the spirit of self-reliance.

The youthful leader has demonstrated devotion towards bringing developments to Chanoga village and his dream is to see the village becoming a destination of choice especially that it has natural resources which could be turned into economic opportunities.

He has waged a war to map change in his village. Kgosi Setlhodi reveals that they have held meetings to wage this war. During one of their meeting, they formulated an activity plan to address the needs and challenges of Chanoga and its catchment areas.

He says in the plan, they brought together interest group including women, men, youth, people living with disabilities, and the leadership given that their aim is to come up with strategies that adequately respond to their concerns.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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