Princes Marina Improves Services

| May 22, 2015

Princes Marina Referral Hospital is working on improving its services to meet the needs of its clientele.

The hospital superintendent, Dr Kelebogile Motumise, remarked this at the hospital community Pitso held at Gabane main kgotla on May 20. He said the referral hospital was overwhelmed by customer complaints and overcrowding of patients hence the need to engage with the community.

He said engaging stakeholders will give them the feedback that would help them to better their services and meet the customer needs.

Nonetheless, Dr Motumise attributed some of their shortcomings to huge numbers of patients who sought medical attention from the hospital and some being referred by other health facilities from around the country.

He said the situation was further compounded by shortage of some key personnel in the medical fraternity. To avert overcrowding, he said they had resorted to transfer some of the duties that they used to perform to other facilities.

Also, Dr Motumise said they had come up with some outreach programs to ensure that they took service to their customers.

In addition, he said there is an outcry from the public about shortage of drugs at their facilities but noted that they are having regular meetings with stakeholders to address the shortage.

Furthermore, he noted that the hospital is in the process of having its operations accredited to ensure that they offer high quality services.

Meanwhile the acting hospital superintendent Ms Tswelelo Kahiya said there is need for the hospital to engage with its customers adding that they have specialised services that they need to sell to their customers.

Further Ms Kahiya said there is need for the customers to know how the hospital operates and conduct its business for harmonisation of service delivery.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, Kgosi Seeletso Pule of Gabane encouraged the Princess Marina staff to strive to deliver on their mandate and that they should be proactive in servicing their clients.

Kgosi Pule told the Princes Marina staff that they exist to service their customers hence they must put their customers first.

Also, the village royal encouraged the residents to adopt healthy living standards such as eating healthy foods.

The community Pitso was the fourth to be organised by the hospital and it included health talks and patients screening among others.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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