Princess Marina Reports Success in Cardiac Surgeries

| April 17, 2015

Cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology procedures conducted from April 6-13 at Princess Marina and Scottish Livingstone hospitals are reported to have been successful.

Speaking during a brief update on April 15, the Princess Marina Hospital superintendent, Dr Kelebogile Motumise, said since they started the procedures, they were able to successfully carry out cardiac sessions.

He pointed out that during the stated period, they carried out 42 heart scans, 25 angiography, one angioplasty, three insertion of pace makers and eight open heart surgeries successfully.

Dr Motumise nevertheless said they encountered challenges during this campaign. He said they had lost two of their open heart surgery patients and one patient after pacemaker insertion.

He was quick to point out that the patients they lost were the most complicated with previous cardiac operations and aanced disease at the time of presentation to the hospital.

He reassured the public that they needed not to worry for the Ministry of Health was committed to quality and good outcome to restore the quality health of the nation.

Dr Motumise pointed out that cardiac procedures were highly skilled and complicated operations with significant mortality and morbidity. He stated that the best centres with dedicated cardiac units, the mortality is five percent after procedures.

He also said the mortality rates increase with co-morbidities, severity of the heart condition, age and surgeon skills.

Dr Motumise said before for the just ended procedures they were able to conduct 88 open heart surgeries, 17 pacemaker insertions (batteries), 180 angiograms, 16 stents and 451 heart scans and they had 10 mortalities.

He highlighted that the ministry of Health got into partnership with Mauritian Cardiac Team in 2009 with the aim to provide a centre of excellence for cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology in Botswana.

Dr Motumise stated that currently they have a local cardiac team comprising of doctors, nurses allied health professionals and support staff adding that some of the staff have been sent to cardiac centre in Mauritius for skills transfer and experience in order to gain competencies.

He highlighted that the cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology procedures were initially all conducted at Princess Marina hospital, adding “due to shortage of space, overcrowding and taking specialist services to local communities and decongestion strategies, open heart surgeries are now done in Scottish Livingstone hospital in Molepolole since September 2013”.

He said heart scans, coronary angiography, angioplasty and pacemaker insertions are done at Marina and he encouraged members of the public to visit to screen for those.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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