PS Urges Ministry Staff to Work Hard

| June 15, 2015

Employees of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) have been implored to continue to strive for excellence in their delivery of services to the communities they serve.

This was said by the ministry’s permanent secretary, Mr Molefi Keaja at a general staff meeting held in Masunga on Friday (June 12).

Mr Keaja said while it was clear that a number of challenges such as resource limitations existed, it was paramount for employees to continue to devise strategies through which to render services to the public in an effective and timely manner.

Mr Keaja also called on employees to maintain a high level of teamwork, saying not much could be achieved when people were not pulling in the same direction.

On another issue, Mr Keaja further highlighted the importance of the recently introduced customer feedback forms, indicating that the forms were not a witch-hunt exercise, but meant to gauge the manner in which delivery of services was being carried out, as the forms could greatly help in identifying gaps and weaknesses on time.

This, he said, would then afford concerned departments and individual employees to put in place measures to address problems before they went out of control.

On a different matter, Mr Keaja cautioned employees against falling into financial embarrassment as this had the potential to encourage corrupt practices. Nonetheless, the permanent secretary thanked the ministry’ staff in the North East district for their hard work, saying the fact that the district continued to do well in many respects was evidence that they too played their role in an effective manner.

For his part, the ministry’s anti-corruption project manager, Mr Bakae Karata emphasised the need for all employees to play their part in curbing corruption in the public service.

He said the core objective of each employee should be to completely eradicate corruption and observed that the time of talking of reducing corruption was long past, hence the need for all employees to develop a zero tolerance for corruption.

Commenting, the employees stated that a couple of challenges continued to hamper the discharge of their duties.

An employee of the North East District Council, Mr Omphile Galebotse, said employees of the council’s Social and Community Development department were over-worked as they were fewer and yet had to service larger areas.

He said such employees also performed multiple roles, some of which they had not been trained to carry out.

Another council employee, Ms Etani Mojamela complained about the running of the council’s pre-schools.

She said the pre-schools were not being run in a standardised manner and that even the pre-school teachers were being remunerated at different rates despite their qualifications being the same.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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