Ralotsia Gives Sda Hospital Food for Thought

| May 19, 2015

Minister of Agriculture, Mr Patrick Ralotsia, has suggested inclusion of meat in the Kanye Aentist Hospital’s menu as well as dispensary of condoms.

Mr Ralotsia, who is also Member of Parliament for Kanye North, said during the hospital’s commemoration of 93 years of service and open day on May 15 that though the institution was founded under g Christian values, it was also important that the needs of the people were taken on board.

For some times now, some people within the community felt hard done by exclusion of meat in the facility’s menu and the hospital’s refusal to dispense condoms.

However, Kanye Aentist Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Bangwato Sikwa has reiterated in many previous forums the status facility as a district hospital dictates it focuses more on the curative side over and above condom dispensary.

Other health facilities among them clinics, she has said on those many occasioned are there to dispense condoms. She had said however that where possible, the hospital through its doctors does prescribe condoms albeit to married couples only.

Minister Ralotsia mentioned it is world best practice for governments and their strategic partners to join hands in the fight against diseases such as HIVAIDS through a number of interventions which include dispensing of condoms to people a stance he said has been adopted by the government of Botswana.

He however assured the hospital of government commitment to the memorandum of understanding which is now in its 40th year.On full-circle branding, the hospital has undergone, Mr Ralotsia noted was a sensible decision if the former wants to remain relevant in its crusade to be the facility of choice.

For her part, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer said it was important that Kanye Aentist Hospital brand itself to move with the times.Dr Bangwato Sikwa said branding will go a long way in helping people have a better appreciation of what the facility stands for and is all about.

“The occasion does not only mark the many milestones achieved by hospital over the 93 years of its existence but also marks the 40 years of the strategic partnership we have had with the government of Botswana,” she said.

Former President Sir Ketumile Masire who graced the event was also given an opportunity to speak and commended the hospital management for having been amongst the pioneers of medical work in Botswana and for its commitment in serving and saving the lives of many.

He said as a Motswana and resident of Kanye, he owes his existence to the hospital which saved his life in 1957 after inhaling a dangerous agro-chemical he bought in Mahikeng in South Africa.

“Little did I know the hospital also became a place where I will exchanged my marriage vows to my wife because the doctor had aised me not to consider leaving the hospital to honor the wedding due to my ill-health,” he said to the laughter of many who attended the occasion.

The Board Chairman, Dr Kenaope Kenaope noted the hospital also remained committed to the memorandum of understanding that dates back many years.”

We will stick to the clause on our committal to the marriage we have with government and continue to serve the nation and at the same time usher people in the Kingdom of God,” he said.

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Patson Mazonde commended the Seventh Day Aentist Church for the commitment and selflessness with which it has served the nation over the years.

“Let us continue to demonstrate such diligence and regard highly the fruitful and cordial partnership between us as the hospital and government of Botswana.

Part of the branding of the hospital included the logo which compose a bible, a representation of the hospital as a mission institution of a church, a snake on a rod representative of healing as depicted in the bible story, a lamp, which symbolises nursing care as a source of reliability, goodwill and warm.

Kanye Aentist was the first hospital in the then Bechuanaland protectorate erected primarily for the nation populace.

The hospital has grown substantially over the years and currently boasts of 167 beds and is a district referral hospital serving eight clinics in Kanye and several more clinics and health posts in its catchment area totaling up to 33. The catchment population of the hospital currently stands at just above 100 000.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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