Ralotsia Implores Workers to Be Productive

| May 5, 2015

Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Mr Patrick Ralotsia says a successful story or lack thereof of any country is hinged upon the commitment of its workforce.

Mr Ralotsia said during Workers Day in Kanye on May 1 that government employees should therefore take the responsibility given to them individually and collectively as an opportunity to contribute towards prosperity for all.

“A product is as good as the quality of the producer and I therefore call on you to be diligent in the way you execute your various responsibilities.” The Kanye North legislator, who is also the Minister of Agriculture said although it is important for workers to fight for their welfare, this should not hamper productivity.

Gaborone Bonnington South MP, Mr Ndaba Gaolatlhe highlighted that acquisition and sharing of knowledge amongst workers is key if workers intend to make headway in the fight for their rights.

Mr Gaolatlhe concurred with Mr Ralotsia saying workers remain the primary and valuable resource for any thriving economy and therefore are indispensable. He called on workers to never give up on their ideals but to be a united front in their fight for better conditions.

For his part, Mr Losika Mosarwa, an Economist with Southern District Council said time has come for workers to wake up to their ideology and throw the spanner to the works and shun every attempt by the employer to undermine them.

“It is also upon us to clarify certain deep-seated perceptions that the general public has been made to believe about us as unions in this country,” he said.

Mr Mosarwa noted it is unfortunate that some unionists have been tagged as anarchists while in fact they were only fighting for the rights of workers. All these gestures by the employer, he said should not discourage unionists but should act as a motivating factor for them to fight for their rights as a united front and without fear or intimidation.

Mr Mosarwa said if left unattended, workers’ plight can have a negative bearing on the dignity of the employees which will in turn hamper productivity. Unions, he said must take time and re-introspect, have meaningful dialogue with different partners with similar ideas to remain relevant in contemporary society.

MP for Kanye South, Mr Abram Kesupile said Botswana is where it is because of the contribution of its workforce. He told workers that the ultimate power to realise a prosperous Botswana rests with them.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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