Ranokanyane, Innovations Donate Food Hampers

| April 7, 2015

Batswana are continuing to assist the less priviledged members of the community with whatever little they have to heed the Vision 2016 pillar of a compassionate, just and caring nation.

With the vision 2016 nearing its end, organisations, companies and Batswana in general are increasingly doing everything to heed the message and help the less fortunate in the society.

Such gesture was demonstrated by Ranokanyane Junior Secondary School in collaboration with a Serowe-based supplying company, Innovations, when they brought a smile to the bedridden 51-year-old Ms Mpopi Otukile by donating food hampers recently.

Ms Otukile was left incapacitated by a stroke after years of uncontrollable high blood pressure. The school head, Mr Gothusang Moremi, said the elderly woman was found by some school employees living alone near the school premises in a house located in unpopulated bushy area.

Mr Moremi said ever since they have been helping her with food, washing her clothes, and bathing her. He further said the school would continue to help wherever possible and urged the community and social workers to assist Ms Otukile to live a better life.

Innovations’ representative Mr Molefi Tseleng explained in an interview that they saw it fit to help with food hampers after learning that the school was seeking help from the public to assist the disaantaged woman.

Mr Tseleng further said it was imperative for the company to give back to the community they operate in. He said they were also motivated by the presidential appeal to help the needy as a way of contributing to the 2016 vision pillar of a compassionate, just and caring nation.

Mr Tseleng therefore called on other companies to assist government in developing the communities they operate in by assisting the less privileged a task that he said could be realised if all stakeholders participated.

For her part, Ms Otukile told BOPA that the stroke had reduced her to a disabled person who cannot fend for herself.

“I am not able to bath myself or do anything without assistance” she said.

Ms Otukile said prior to Ranokanayane JSS arrival she endured lonely days, sleeping as there was no one to cook and assist her walk around but the situation has since improved thanks to the school and Innovations Company.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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