Re-a-Nyalana Not Against Bogadi – Kgosi

| April 14, 2015

Kgosi Kedirile Letshabo of Molapowabojang says Reanyalana programme is neither against bogadi nor intending to stop it.

Speaking in Molapowabojang kgotla during the ceremony which comprised of eight couples who got married, Kgosi Letshabo said the programme fell within the ambit of the law.

He noted that such arrangement gives dignity to marrying parties. Kgosi Letshabo stated that Reanyalana helps curtail misunderstandings over inheritance that usually ensues upon the death of one of the cohabiting parties.

Reanyalana programme coordinator, Ms Annah Morwaagole, concurred with Kgosi Letshabo saying the programme, founded in 2010, brought about dignity to families and the nation.

Besides conflicts that arise due to cohabitation, Ms Morwaagole noted cohabitation often caused children to lose their identity and their place of belonging.

Programme legal aisor, Mr Lyndon Mothusi posited that the institution of marriage requires couples to be tolerant towards one another and harmoniously co-exist. Any element of abuse he said should be done away with forthwith to create a good environment for successful marriages.

Mr Mothusi noted that the Reanyalana programme does not encourage divorce because it brings awesome results. He encouraged married couples to always make a will stating how they would like their property to be dispatched upon death of either of the couple.

Mr Mothusi also aised the newlyweds to refrain from things that can wreck their marriages.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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