Recognising Performance Motivates Productivity

| May 13, 2015

Performance awards give awardees a sense of achievement and satisfaction for their commitment thus instilling in them the spirit of hard work and more dedication to work.

The acting executive director of Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) Mr Stryker Motlhaloso said this when delivering his speech at the Kgalagadi District Council Performance awards ceremony recently in Tsabong.

Mr Moataloso said performance awards encouraged, motivated and appreciated staff members who had done well in carrying out service delivery.

He cited the fact that awarding good performers also gave them a platform to distinguish themselves as high level achievers, making them realise their full potential.

Furthermore, he explained that awards also gave those who had not been awarded a privilege to introspect and to put in more effort in their work to emulate their wining colleagues.

Mr Motlaloso stated that with the motivation and encouragement deposited by performance awards there was no doubt that service delivery would improve thus overcoming challenges such as poverty, unemployment and poor work ethics.

He congratulated the awardees for their hard work stating that it was a great contribution towards achieving the goals and objectives of Kgalagadi District Council and the ministry as a whole.

He explained that, without each and everyone’s contribution, the desire to do well could be an elusive dream, adding that those who were not awarded were appreciated as well because it was through their team spirit and support that the awardees managed to put top notch performances.

The guest speaker also expressed his gratitude to workers in the Kgalagadi District Council for accepting to work in the area shunned by others who think it is too far and rural.

He also informed the employees of Kgaladi District Council that BNPC in collaboration with the government and various stake holders had moved in the right direction in the implementation of the Work Ethic and Mindset Change project which seeks to transform employees’ attitudes to bring about enhanced productivity levels.

Assistant Minister of Logal Government, who is also the Member of Parliament for the district, Mr Frans van der Westhuizen, congratulated the employees saying even though times were tough and resources were limited due to the economic challenges the employees were doing their best to overcome the districts’ challenges such as poverty and unemployment.

Mr Van der Westhuizen urged the employees to continue with the spirit, and also informed those who were not awarded that the performance awards were not a competition therefore they should not think they were losers.

He therefore encouraged them to pull up their socks so that they would be equally spotted and awarded in future.

The council secretary Mr Joshua Maluleke boasted about his team’s good work saying it showed that they utilised and managed resources well to impact the lives of the community.

Some 81 employees were rewarded across various competencies including long service and good conduct, quality management, planning and execution, customer care, innovation and creativity and managing realationships.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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