Residents Call for Inclusive Ipelegeng

| April 15, 2015

Ipelegeng is a government programme that provides employment opportunities for able bodied low-skilled workers in both rural and urban communities especially women, orphans and remote area dwellers.

Some Batswana have praised the programme and requested the government to increase the number of beneficiaries and make the programme more inclusive.

The programme’s main objective was to provide short term relief employment whilst at the same time beneficiaries carried out essential development projects that were identified and prioritised through the normal development planning process.

As such, many people, including youth, adults and people with disabilities had showered the programme with praises because it engaged citizens of Botswana in labour-based and people-centred initiatives such as de-bushing and grass cutting.

In Kanye and surrounding villages, Ipelegeng has Village Development Committees (VDC) have started engaging people with disabilities through the use of simple tools and machinery.

One of them is 64-year-old Ontiretse Setlhotlhe of Mongala ward in Kanye, who uses a wheelchair to move from place to place, is benefitting from the pprogramme, and he is proud to be using his hands to cut grass while on his wheelchair.

In an interview, Mr Setlhotlhe adds that the government has taken note of some of the feedback from members of the public as they called for an inclusive programme.

Some people may view the program as useless but it is a deliberate effort to shift people from places where they are less productive at all to places where they are more productive by creating an opportunity for them to graduate from abject poverty and eventually lead a productive and prosperous life.

“I am enjoying the job because I don’t want to idle at my home doing nothing,” he said.

Recently the Southern district council chairman Mr Mephato Reatile praised Ipelegeng programme for continuing to make in-roads in closing the maintenance gap realized in the district. He said the council used the programme to undertake both major and minor maintenance works in most of the government institutions.

Mr Reatile said currently the district was implementing a total of 461 projects with an allocated budget of P56, 221,056.00, adding that the increase in the number of beneficiaries was attributed to increased project implementation in the district.

“This programme is part of Government’s intervention to cater for some members of our community who have been left in the throes of abject poverty. This is a genuine commitment and deliberate effort to transform this nation into one of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities, and of course a shared sense of community”, he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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