Revellers Snub Bandleng Easter Show

| April 8, 2015

A music explosion that was meant to celebrate Lobatse as a town, which played a major role in Botswana’s path to internal self-governance, turned out to be a flop.

Though Lobatse comes out as a town which is entertainment starved, it has not been clear as to whether it is the people of Lobatse who are not interested in music shows, or there is yet another reason why they do not attend music shows whenever they are staged.

On several occasion BOPA attended quite a few music shows and entertainment events where only a few people attend the shows.

The music show dubbed ‘Bandleng Easter Summer Experience 50’ was no exception. It was supposed to start as early as 11am with a lineup of artists close to 15, but ended with only five acts. Some DJs who were billed did not perform let alone honour the event.

RB 2 Disk Jockies Kay Lo as well as DJ Obza did not show up on stage, neither were they anywhere to be seen at the venue.

However, local lads in the likes of DJ Surprise, Tallie D as well as the Amakuvuki dance group made a show to remember for the few who had attended. They took out all their best for the show to begin and opened staged for the South African acts.

Godson Mlambo of Dimele Engineering Service who was the power behind the show, however said there were some artists whom they booked for the show and had put their names on the flyer but had a last minute change of the lineup due to some uncontrollable circumstances.

He expressed disappointment at the Lobatse revellers for not showing up at the event which was meant to bring them entertainment. He said the Lobatse people did not do themselves justice for missing such a performance by some big acts in the house music industry such as Rabs Vhafuwi from South Africa.

“This town has been a ghost town for sometimes in terms of entertainment, and I wanted to bring it back to its original terms by staging such a show, but it seems it will take sometimes to get to where I want to bring it to,” said Mlambo in an interview after the show.

He said though many people did not attend the show, he was not deterred by that, but for the love of music will keep on coming back to stage more shows to entertain the Lobatseians.

Rabs Vhafuwi, who is a new kid on the block and is one of the next best things to come out of South Africa in the House music circle, gave a sterling performance despite the few who stood by the stage to well receive his dishing.

The Blue Motion house group who also graced the stage just before Rabs Vhafuwi also gave a good performance with a mixture of the decks, keyboard and a saxophone.

A combination of Tshidiso Mthimole commonly known as Saxo-T on the saxophone as well as Aobakwe Tshupaemang who goes by the stage name Big Buxx gave the few revellers who were at the Lobatse Town Park value for their money.

They danced to the house tunes and remixes of songs such as Adelle’s Rolling in the deep, Masquenada and Rabs Vhafuwi’s Count Your Blessings before they bowed off stage with dignity.

In an interview, Big Buxx said he was happy to have come and performed in Botswana for the very first time with his mate Saxo-T. He said despite the few numbers, his team played to the best of their abilities and enjoyed their stage performances.

He said the most important thing in their performance was the reception that they got from the few people who were there as they danced from the first to the last song they performed, a sign that they were enjoying our performance.

“One can play to a crowd of people who will just sit and stare at you, but these few who attended the show made us feel welcome by responding well to what we gave them,” he said.

He said he is looking forward to working with Botswana promotions companies who are willing to book them for more performances in the future.

One can only sit and hope that the next music shows staged in Lobatse will see people coming to enjoy and support talent..

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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