Ross Branch Targets Dakar Race

| May 21, 2015

He has been in the motor bike riding industry for far too long and that has enabled him to perfect his riding skills and perform breath taking stunts, in fact he is one daring driver.

He is currently a champion of the desert race in the motor bikes category.

Recently at the khawa dune challenge, he stole the show in the motor bike category when he out classed his competitors clocking 34 minutes in a difficult terrain of 50 km. Ross Branch was surely a cut above the rest.

To demonstrate how much he had endowed himself in the hearts of the fanatics of the dune challenge, whenever he was on the track, everything came to a standstill just to see this man who seemed to make the motor bike fly.

He did not only ride at dizzyingly high speeds but he could also perform some stunts that if not done correctly,could be deadly.

In an interview, Ross stated that he loved the event because the terrain was wonderful for someone like him who had bigger dreams than just riding for fun.

“In 2017 my plan is to go to Dakar desert race because now I think that I am at the right age and speed to compete there,” he said. He divulged that he considered the Khawa dune challenge as a perfect practice session because he rode for a living.

He pointed out that he was excited to finally be in a position to represent Botswana internationally after he successfully applied for the country’s citizenship.

This stunts master imprted his skills to 10 students from Khawa village which comprises of seven boys and three girls in conjunction with Botswana tourism organisation.

“My students are doing very well and at least three of them will be ready to take part in the desert race this year”.

Ross also revealed that he would soon be having a license for commercial flights, adding that he had already done the 200 hour building sessions required from aspiring pilots but only left with a couple of exams.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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