SA National to Know Fate May 28

| May 19, 2015

Masunga Magistrate Court, will on May 28, delivery a ruling on whether South African national, Lizo Seyisi, should be granted bail or not.

The state pleaded with Magistrate Onkarabile Mokone not to grant Seyisi bail as doing so would hamper its investigations.

The prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Dick Busang of Tshesebe police, told the court during the accused’s arraignment on May 18 that the matter at hand was more likely a case of trans-national crime, hence the need for the accused to remain in custody pending the completion of investigations.

Seyisi is facing a single count of being found in possession of goods stolen outside Botswana. Assistant Superntendent Busang stated that the goods in question, a BMW X6 was of high value, and that the accused being a foreign national, was likely to flee the country if released on bail.

Assistant Superintendent Busang said the police also needed to involve their South African counterparts, as the information that had so far reached them was that the vehicle had been reported as stolen at one of South Africa’s police stations.

He said it was thus crucial that the accused be remanded in custody so that he could not jeopardise police investigations.

The investigating officer, Detective Sub-Inspector Moswaane Koboyankwe, also stationed inTshesebe testified that Seyisi was indeed a flight risk who if granted bail might use the opportunity to flee the country and thus not stand trial.

He further told the court that since the vehicle originated from South Africa, there was need for the police in that country to be involved to help with the investigations.

Detective Koboyankwe also indicated that there was also the issue of the identification of the vehicle by its lawful owner, something he said had to be done in the presence of the accused person.

The investigating officer had earlier informed the court that Seyisi had entered the country legally, and was intercepted at Ramokgwebana border post driving the white BMW bearing South African registration numbers.

He said it was then upon him being searched that it was realised that the documents relating to the vehicle were suspicious a situation that led to the border control officials involving the police.

Countering the prosecution’s application for his further remand, Seyisi said he could not flee the country when his property remained in the custody of the state.

He said his family at the moment had no idea of his whereabouts, and that he needed to be released on bail since his paralysed wife needed his care. He further told the court that he was asthmatic and thus needed to be able to source medication for his condition.

According to the charge sheet, the accused is alleged to have on May 14 at Ramokgwebana border post, without lawful excuse, had in his possession a BMW X6 knowing or having reason to believe that the said motor vehicle had been stolen outside of Botswana.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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