Sankoyo Eye Kabelano Cup

| May 20, 2015

Sankoyo Bush Bucks have started preparations for Barclays Kabelano Charity spectacular scheduled for the National Stadium on July 25.

The Ngurungu boys would join Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Township Rollers and Extension Gunners all of which have won the tournament before.

In an interview, Sankoyo Bush Bucks chairman, Willie Dikgosana said they had started preparations, noting that they had also engaged Sports Ware Company to design a new kit which the players would use at the Kabelano Charity tournament.

He said to be selected to participate in the cup was an honour to his club. “This shows that Sankoyo is a brand which could compete with big teams and it really motivates our boys,” Dikgosana added.

He also noted that since the team came as far as North West District, it would add a spark to the competition, adding that their aim was to emerge the champion and bring home the price money.

He said the tournament would come at the right time as the premier league has come to an end and now they were preparing again for the coming season.

As the event would be a friendly game, he said they would have an opportunity to use their newly signed players to test their fitness and capability.

Dikgosana said the three teams that they would compete with had already signed three-year contracts with Kabelano and his team is participating for the first time in the cup. The teams involved were expected to dish out a great one day tournament where the champion would walk away with P242 000.

Giving a brief background about how they managed to be selected to participate in the cup, Dikgosana said early this year, Kabelano Trust Foundation officials indicated that they wanted his team to take part in the cup and were aised to write to Botswana Football Association (BFA) seeking approval.

He said within no time the trust informed them that their request had been approved after a lengthy meeting with BFA.

He believed it was not easy for their request to be approved, noting that the decision to select his team was taken after a lot of discussions and thoughts.

However, Dikgosana thanked Kabelano Charity Trust and BFA for giving them the opportunity to participate in the cup, adding they have realised that Ngurungu was a g team with a large number of supporters.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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