Sankoyo Lose to Nico

| April 27, 2015

Sankoyo Bush Bucks suffered a double tragedy following their 1-0 loss to Nico United Saturday afternoon (April 25).

Their loss was subsequent to being docked three points after a successful protest by FC Satmos that the Maun club used a defaulter.

The Saturday encounter proved to be a cold match from the beginning but Bush Bucks aka Ngurungu Boys had an upper hand as they created several chances, which they failed to convert into goals.

Nico United striker, Christopher Musondo took aantage of the situation and penetrated Sankoyo defence to score a brilliant goal in the 25th minute.

That scenario prevailed for most of the first half until they went for recess. The second half did not provide anything rousing as the two teams still continued showcasing a cold play.

Sankoyo tried to spice up the match by making a substitution in the 55th minute, which did not earn them any results. However, following the substitution, Ngurungu then started piling a lot of pressure on Nico’s defence getting several set pieces in the process which they failed to convert again.

Ngurungu’s efforts were not rewarded until, despite their sterling performance, Nico went on to win the game. In an interview, the winning coach, Wesly Mondo said the game was tough and they were under pressure to win it.

He said his team played better when they were home and he had to change the system and strengthen the defence hence they managed to pocket three points.

Ngurungu coach, Philani Mabhena said his boys lost the game in the first half as they failed to convert the many chances they created into goals, adding that Nico was a stubborn team, and that experienced was on their side too.

Mabhena said his formula did not work as he missed some of his key players due to injuries but he commended the boys for a sterling performance in the second half.

He also revealed that the outcome of the case against Satmos FC had affected his players mentally but “we tried to counsel them because the case was beyond our control,” he added.

Mabhena was hopeful that the boys would finish the league in top 8 the loss of dear points.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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