School Opens Landscape Project

| June 17, 2015

The staff and management of Retlhatloleng Primary School in partnership with Orapa, Letlhakane and Debswana Mine (OLDM) has opened a land scape project in Letlhakane.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on June 12, chief wildlife warden, Mr John Kepaletswe, applauded the school and OLDM for designing the project.

Mr Kepaletswe said the project would make the school community to be aware of the importance of sustainable land management and urged the students to take care of the project because land was a vulnerable and fragile resource that could never be recreated once lost.

He stated that land degradation had been identified as a serious environmental concern as such there was need for the society to preserve it as a valuable assert.

The environmental coordinator for OLDM, Ms Goitseone Mathope through their Corporate Social Investment, said they had contributed P32.288 towards the school’s landscaping project, adding that the mine conducted business in a way that would minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Ms Mathope said water conservation and temperature control were some of the benefits that the community could benefit from she also commended teachers and students of Retlhatloleng Primary School for taking part in the project which not only enhanced the ambience of the school’s surroundings but also impacted on the environment in a meaningful manner.

She said through landscaping the school grounds would actively contribute to the control of soil erosion and improving the school environment,

She also encouraged parents to partner with students and teachers to find ways of sustaining and possibly expanding the project.

Member of Parliament for Boteti East, Mr Lelatisitswe Sethomo commended OLDM and the school for their collaboration in making the project a reality saying it was a good initiative that could shape the future of the learners.

Mr Sethomo also applauded teachers for educating learners on environmental issues and he urged the students to own the project, adding that the project could impact the learners in a positive way as learners could develop a career out of it by becoming land surveyors.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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