SDC Eases Water Shortage at RAC

| May 4, 2015

Southern District Council’s (SDC) senior public relations officer, Mr Thapelo Timuno, says the water shortage at the Kanye Rural Administration Centre (RAC) is a source for concern.

Mr Timuno explained to RAC employees that as a mitigating factor to the water situation, a 1 000 litre water tank has been installed to supply the centre during occasional dry spells.

He said their efforts to rescue the situation were hampered by the leaking underground plastic pipes, adding that they were working hard to replace the leaking pipes with surface galvanized steel pipes that will work in conjunction with plastic pipes.

He aised employees not to let the water shortage to dampen their spirit of offering quality service to the nation. Mr Timuno has challenged those who pollute the environment by urinating indiscriminately to refrain from the immoral act, saying it was also a criminal offence to do so.

Health Matron Ms Rachen Tsebekgale said water was very critical to human existence as such its shortage in the body could cause a headache and unconsciousness. “Staying for a long time without visiting the toilet to answer call of nature can lead to ‘Urinary Tract Infections’ which will result in pains while passing urine,” she added.

She further stressed that it was aisable to drink two litres of water on a daily basis, but it must be consumed in different amounts.

An employee at RAC premises Mr Matshidiso Segare said though they did not use water on their daily duties the resource played a very pivotal role in the ablution blocks both for washing hands and flushing.

He stressed that its shortage could leave employees with no option but to temporarily abandon their duties and travel long distances to Mongala Mall where they pay P2 as a service fee and that could impact negatively on production. A security officer within RAC, Ms Leungo Phetoeng said the distance she travelled to Mongala Mall to use rented toilets was categorized as duty negligence, even the water shortage tempted her to be in contravention of it.

However, Water Utilities Corporation’s Kanye depot manager Mr Mathews Sebina is adamant that the Kanye RAC has been supplied adequately over the past period.

He said the area is situated within supply Zone One close to where it boarders with Zone Three in his area of jurisdiction. Around this area the distribution lines are cross connecting into the two zones making it a bit difficult to manage the direction of supply, he said.

He said over a month ago the SDC buildings department reported low pressure within the RAC premises. He said they were however asked to observe the situation as there was an ongoing rationing-sampling exercise within the area which was thought to be a contributing factor.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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