Segopotso Primary Yearns for Adoption

| May 12, 2015

Segopotso Primary School head, Ms Phatsimo Balesamang, says efforts to look for companies and individuals alike to partner with her school through the Ministry of Education and Skills Development’s adopt a school initiative has borne no fruit.

The initiative, launched in November 2011, called for internationalisation of education through partnerships of the community, individuals and private institutions with the ministry of education towards quality education.

In spite of being amongst the best performing schools in Kanye year in year out in the standard seven results, potential customers seemed to elude the school. “We have penned so many letters we have lost count soliciting partnership but to no avail,” she said in an interview.

The lack of sponsorship, she said has impacted on attaining the hundred per cent threshold the school has set for itself.

She said for instance that they were forced to beg outsiders for money to photocopy some of the teaching materials before they dispensed them to the pupils an undertaking she noted was strenuous and time consuming.

Second hand computers donated to the school by well-wishers, she noted had not been of much help especially that they were not compatible with the teaching software they had been given by the education ministry.

Other than the much need equipment, Ms Balesamang indicated that lack of sponsorship had culminated in her school going without prize giving ceremony to recognise best performing students for the past three years.

The deputy school head also told BOPA that only last year, Southern District Council gave the school P700, which went towards the purchase of prices for top performers.

Support a School Initiative Coordinator and Special Education Teacher at Segopotso, Ms Ipeleng Tshwene said they had not lost hope and would continue in their crusade to look for a sponsor. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, the school garnered 77, 87 and 88 per cent respectively.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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