Sennanyana Gets Dirty to Put Food on Table

| May 18, 2015

While many youth are struggling with unemployment, some are trying to ignore that status and make a living through their gifts from God.

Thuto Sennanyana, a 25-year-old Molepolole lad started schooling at Bophirima Primary School in Gaborone and completed his BGCSE at Seepapitso Senior Secondary School.

He never thought that attending art lessons presented any opportunity in his life, but somehow fell in love with the craft. “I would rather bunk school if there was a double lesson for Mathematics because the subject teacher was very strict when he needed his assignments,” Sennanyana added.

He said he used to draw pictures when he was doing standard five together with his friend Thero Motoko and their classmates would buy them for P1.50 or P3.50 for bigger ones.

Sennanyana’s passion for art increased as he scooped a second position during an exhibition for Southern Primary School Competitions.

Later on he got used to the game and participated in several other exhibitions winning prizes of all sorts.

He kept on moving forward with his career, and started portrait drawings after finishing his senior school education.

Sennanyana further explained that some of his friends urged him to continue with his passion, and started drawing portraits for P200 just to earn a living.

In 2012, Sennanyana joined Thapong Visual Arts Centre where he met different artists and exchanged knowledge on various art forms.

He later on decided to pursue cartooning which he said was cashing money for him. “I am a hired cartoonist and a wall decorator right now, I can make about P3 000 for decoration at a day care school or decoration at a shop,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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