Shoshong to Host Cultural Festival, Marathon

| May 22, 2015

The Shoshong Your Investment Destination committee will host its first ever annual cultural event and marathon in the village on June 6.

In an interview, committee leader, Nyane Seiphetlheng said the reason behind hosting such an event is to bring investment opportunities to the region.

Seiphetlheng said the main objective of the cultural festival and marathon was to afford people an opportunity to appreciate and see the rich history of Shoshong constituency, which is blessed with colonial, archeological and natural heritage sites.

‘Through the event, we want to create a family fun environment, where all age groups will participate and enjoy different cultural music, arts and games as well as other activities that promote culture and sports,’ she said.

Seiphetlheng said focus will be on the constituency as a whole.

Consultations, she noted, were ongoing with the village’s leadership to suggest a suitable name for the event.

History reveals that Shoshong used to be an area of trade in the 18th century, which was frequented by travelers, hunters and missionaries. With a population of over 30 000, it was listed as the second place of trade after Cape Town in South Africa.

“We are saying bring back Shoshong status, let us be a stop area for tourists and investors as they proceed to other areas in Botswana,” she noted.

Furthermore, Seiphetlheng said they want to uproot and promote arts, sports and culture and also help local investors to reach bigger markets in and outside Botswana.

She said they have so far established relationships with countries such as South Africa, Japan, China, Bangladesh, India, and Hungary and Ivory Coast amongst other.

About the marathon, Seiphetlheng said they have partnered with Botswana Athletics Association to make this marathon an annual event.

The race will start at the main kgotla with a 4km followed by a 10km marathon, and there will be categories for males and females. The participating age group ranges from 15 years and above. Registration fee is P10 and late registration is P20.

There will also be a tour of the village hills which carries a lot of the history of the country.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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